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8 months ago

Clean Living Magazine

Empower oil-curious friends and family to rid their homes and lives of harsh chemicals with the new edition of Clean Living magazine. Packed with product tips, DIYs, and a wealth of information, it’s a gorgeous guide for anyone looking to have a happier, healthier home environment.


DOROTHY WAS R IGHT— THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. After being away, even if it’s just a long day at work, nothing is more comforting than returning to a familiar space. Our homes are safe havens where we share meals, gather with family and friends, celebrate, recharge, and create lasting memories. With the pride we take in our homes—and the amount of time we spend there—it’s no wonder the trend of clean living has gained traction. Clean living is essentially the active pursuit of a healthy lifestyle by using naturally derived products. As more scientific studies link various ingredients to adverse effects and illnesses, consumers are seeking out nature-based alternatives that promote a safe environment for their families. From laundry detergent to makeup, there may be harsh chemicals lurking in the products your family uses every day. This unsettling truth may generate a lot of questions. Which products hide the harshest chemicals? What ingredients should you avoid? And which products are best for your family to use? If it feels like your to-do list just expanded by a few dozen tasks, resist the urge to feel overwhelmed! We’ve got you covered. We’ll evaluate the items in your home room by room, keeping an eye out for some of the biggest offenders. Follow this guide for clean living in no time! Let’s start in the heart of your home: the kitchen. FOOD & SUPPLEMENTS Whether you open your pantry, refrigerator, or kitchen cabinet, everything from your flour to your vitamins can contain harmful ingredients. Watch out for titanium dioxide, commonly used for industrial purposes to whiten products. This ingredient is known to cause allergies, autoimmune disorders, and organ toxicity. Hydrogenated oil is another common food ingredient shown to wreak havoc on our cardiovascular and nervous systems. Artificial coloring—Red 40, Blue 2, and Yellow 5 in particular—are dyes added to foods and supplements to make them more visually appealing, especially to kids. But scientists have linked these dyes to hyperactive behavior, allergies, and more. 8 / CLEAN LIVING

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