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Empower oil-curious friends and family to rid their homes and lives of harsh chemicals with the new edition of Clean Living magazine. Packed with product tips, DIYs, and a wealth of information, it’s a gorgeous guide for anyone looking to have a happier, healthier home environment.


BEST LIFE EVERY DAY we see examples of people inspired to act because of the difficulties they see around them. ■ Edna Ogwangi, chief impact officer at Rise Against Hunger, grew up during a devastating drought in Kenya that resulted in widespread starvation. Now she puts her passion to work for a company that has provided more than 300 million meals to the hungry. ■ Twelve-year-old Alex Deans saw a blind woman at a crosswalk frozen in fear. The situation inspired him to design a handheld device that detects obstacles and helps the visually impaired navigate around them. F I G U R E O U T H O W T O TURN YOUR PASSION INTO SOMETHING THAT BENEFITS OTHERS. 16 / CLEAN LIVING ■ When Malala Yousafzai was 11 years old, the Taliban banned girls from receiving an education. At 15, a masked gunman boarded Malala’s bus and shot her in the head. Her family immediately relocated to the United Kingdom, where she made the courageous choice to become an activist for female education. She is currently the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate. How can you find more ways to make philanthropy a part of your life? Here are a few ideas to get started. FIND YOUR PASSION Most of the time, we move through life on autopilot: wake up, head to work, come home, eat dinner, veg in front of the TV. But think about a time when you did something that truly inspired you. Maybe it was as simple as working on a scrapbook or as complicated as leading your daughter’s Girl Scout troop. Look closely at why it made you happy and figure out how to turn your passion into something that benefits others. Philanthropy has more relevance when your good deeds reflect your true passion and purpose. DEEDS OR DONATIONS Love animals? Make time to walk dogs at your local animal shelter. Enjoy planning activities? Volunteer to organize a charitable event (online or off) in your community. Prefer donating money rather than time? Find an organization that gives scholarships to at-risk youth and set up a recurring donation. By giving what LOOKING FOR A SIMPLE WAY TOhe l p ? Online retailer has a program called AmazonSmile that allows you to donate 0.5 percent of your order’s proceeds to The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. It’s a simple way to support the foundation every time you shop—and it’s at no extra cost to you. So, the next time you shop on Amazon, jump over to and select the Young Living Foundation as your designated charity. Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are currently eligible for donations. Alena Ozerova /

D. GARY YOUNG’S PASSION FOR PHILANTHROPY Through his exposure to different cultures around the globe, Young Living’s Founder D. Gary Young also developed a deep compassion for helping those less fortunate. you value most—be it money, services or time—you will feel a deeper sense of satisfaction. START GIVING NOW No, really—start today. Putting it off makes you less likely to act. Take a few minutes to brainstorm different ways you can give and commit to at least one. Remember—proactivity, not procrastination is a strong guiding principle for life and philanthropy. SMALL STEPS Helping others shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Make a goal to do one thing this month for someone else. It can be as simple as baking a pie for a neighbor who’s been under the weather or helping an elderly relative get their overrun flower bed under control. Focus on giving and you’ll discover a fuller, richer, more meaningful life. S YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS continued to grow A and thrive as a business, he invested millions of dollars toward the welfare of others through numerous philanthropic endeavors. While exploring opportunities in the Amazon of Ecuador, Gary longed to help the local children living on the edge of the jungle. Shortly after his first visit, Gary founded the Young Living Academy in the rural community of Chongon. Moved by the plight of children crammed into a dilapidated, one-room school building, Gary oversaw construction of a state-of-the-art educational center, which opened its doors to 83 students in 2009. Today, hundreds of students in grades K-12 attend the academy and have a viable pathway toward college and careers. The opening of the academy in 2009 marked the start of the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. Since its inception, the foundation has served as the primary conduit through which Young Living Essential Oils demonstrates its commitment to helping families and communities worldwide. The numerous charitable initiatives the foundation oversees include rebuilding 100 homes and a primary school in the mountain village of Yarsa, Nepal, which was destroyed by a devastating earthquake; providing food, shelter, social services, and schooling for orphaned children in Uganda, Africa; operating free clinics and providing shoes for children living in remote villages in Uganda; and providing disaster relief funding for families displaced by hurricanes that decimated the Gulf Coast and Puerto Rico. In addition, through its partner Hope for Justice, the Young Living Foundation is helping to train people to identify victims of human trafficking and to rescue women and girls in Cambodia from slavery. The Young Living Foundation has had a positive impact on nearly 22,000 people around the world to date through the wide range of charitable projects that it supports. 17


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