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8 months ago

Clean Living Magazine

Empower oil-curious friends and family to rid their homes and lives of harsh chemicals with the new edition of Clean Living magazine. Packed with product tips, DIYs, and a wealth of information, it’s a gorgeous guide for anyone looking to have a happier, healthier home environment.


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FAMILY FIRST G d CLEAN FUN Say goodbye to bath-time battles with these fun (and simple) tub treats for kids! LB Y POLLY JETER LOOKING TO MAKE BATH TIME more fun for your kids and less stressful for you? Whether your little ones hit the bubbles first thing in the morning or right before bed, these ideas are sure to make a splash! And guess what? These DIYs don’t have the harsh fragrances and dyes typically found in bath products. © Jakob Lagerstedt / Stocksy United BUBBLE BATH BLAST INSTRUCTIONS INGREDIENTS ½ cup distilled water ½ cup Castile unscented liquid soap ¼ cup vegetable glycerin 5-8 drops KidScents® SleepyIze TM ■ Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl, then pour into a plastic storage bottle. ■ To use, shake, then add 1 tablespoon at a time to running bathwater until you have the desired amount of bubbles. 29


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