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8 months ago

Clean Living Magazine

Empower oil-curious friends and family to rid their homes and lives of harsh chemicals with the new edition of Clean Living magazine. Packed with product tips, DIYs, and a wealth of information, it’s a gorgeous guide for anyone looking to have a happier, healthier home environment.


GET FIT COUNT SHEEP, NOT CALORIES Who wants to undo all that hard work by overeating? Getting quality sleep energizes you and keeps hunger hormones in check. Diffuse a little Peace & Calming® before bedtime and let its sweet, comforting aroma surround you as you settle down for the night. DRINK UP Although the exact amount of water needed to stay hydrated varies from person to person, it falls somewhere between 64−131 ounces daily. If drinking that much sounds daunting, try giving your water a little zest with a few drops of Citrus Fresh Vitality or YL Vitality Drops. PRE-WORKOUT SUPPORT Jump-start your morning workout by taking PowerGize®. It’s formulated to help support healthy energy levels—especially important if it’s HIIT day. Create the right space for your sweat by diffusing bright, fresh oils like Peppermint and Lemon. Looking for a more zen-like atmosphere? Try a grounding aroma like Palo Santo. YOU’RE GETTING WAR MER Always prepare your body for a workout by easing into it. Warming up before hitting it hard increases your range of motion and decreases the risk of injury. Keep in mind that in colder months, your body keeps most of the blood flow away from your extremities, so warming up will take longer. Take your time! THAT’S A STRETCH Exercise often taxes muscles in new ways. Thorough stretching is an easy way to ward off soreness after a workout. Gently massage Cool Azul® Pain-Relief Cream onto tired muscles for an extra treat! Wintergreen and Peppermint create a gently cooling and refreshing sensation. POST-WORKOUT SUPPORT Looking to help support healthy athletic performance during prolonged workouts? A delicious option is Pure Protein Complete Chocolate Deluxe or Vanilla Spice. Mix this nutrient-packed powder with water or almond milk for an extra boost of protein. You can even add fruit or your favorite Vitality oil for additional flavor or blend it with ice for a refreshing protein shake! KEEP IT COOL A cool shower after a workout helps speed up recovery and minimize tiredness. For a quick fix, add a few drops of Eucalyptus Radiata to a damp hand towel and store it in the freezer. After your workout, rub it over your neck, arms, and chest for a cooling “I did it!” reward. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Zoran Zeremski / 56 / CLEAN LIVING



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