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8 months ago

Clean Living Magazine

Empower oil-curious friends and family to rid their homes and lives of harsh chemicals with the new edition of Clean Living magazine. Packed with product tips, DIYs, and a wealth of information, it’s a gorgeous guide for anyone looking to have a happier, healthier home environment.


N ORTHERN LIGHTS BLACK SPRUCE Northern Lights Black Spruce is crafted from trees grown at Young Living’s Northern Lights Farm and Distillery in British Columbia, Canada. Its rich, invigorating scent brings to mind cozy nights in a mountain cabin. FIGHT THE FRIZZ Tame frustrating flyaways by adding a drop or two of Northern Lights Black Spruce to a small amount of argan oil and run it through your hair. T SUGA Wishing you could power up your midday meditative practice? Reach for Tsuga. Its earthy aroma is the result of steam distilling the needles and twigs of the conifer tree. RAINY DAY REPRIEVE When the weather keeps you huddled in the house, bring the outdoors in! Diffuse 2 drops each of Idaho Grand Fir, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Pine, and Tsuga for an evergreen blend that immediately transports you to a tranquil forest clearing. H TREAT YOUR FEET Oh, those tired feet! Mix 5 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce and ¼ cup Epsom salt for a soothing foot soak at the end of the day. INOKI Hinoki is steam distilled from Japanese cypress trees and features a light, woodsy scent with bright citrus notes. Breathe in Hinoki’s inviting aroma whenever you need to refresh mind, body, and soul. THE ZEN ZONE D i ff u s eHinoki during yoga to take your daily routine to the next level. Soak up the soothing scents of wood and citrus as you take time to regroup. WORKOUT BUDDY Dilute a few drops of Hinoki with Ortho Sport® Massage Oil and massage into tired muscles. © Dobránska Renáta / Stocksy United 70 / CLEAN LIVING

SPICE UP THE MAN CAVE WITH A WOODSY COMBO. C J UNIPER YPRESS The earthy, woodsy aroma of Juniper creates a peaceful atmosphere when diffused. GET IN THE GAME Whether it’s a friendly game of cards or the season championships, get ready for guys’ night with a sweet, woodsy, no-holds-barred diffuser blend. Combine 3 drops Juniper, 3 drops Cypress, 3 drops Pine, and 1 drop Peppermint and let the games begin! BANISH BIN ODOR Neutralize garbage can odors in the workshop or garage by putting a few drops of Juniper on a cotton ball and stashing it in your trash can. Create a warm, inviting space with the fresh scent of Cypress essential oil. Diffuse it alone or pair it with a bright citrus oil when welcoming guests for a weekend visit. MANE ATTRACTION Keep your hair looking healthy and shiny all week long with a hydrating DIY hair mask. Combine 4 drops Cypress, 2 drops Manuka, 4 drops Orange, and 2 tablespoons coconut oil. Massage the blend through your hair and leave for 20 minutes, then shampoo. Statements included in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. blackCAT / WHAT BETTER WAY TO SURROUND YOURSELF IN THESE WOODSY SCENTS THAN WITH THE ARIA ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER! It combines gorgeous, clean, modern lines with the latest diffuser technology. Choose soothing sounds, run time, and multicolored LED lights via the remote or connect your personal music device to listen to your favorite playlist on the built-in speakers. 71


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