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1 year ago

Getting Started with Essential Oils

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F R A N K I N C E N S E ESSENTIAL OIL Turn a boring nighttime routine into a luxurious getaway with Frankincense essential oil. Play some soft music and take a momentary escape to soothe your skin and balance your spirit. The complex aroma of this deluxe oil provides a lush end to any day. MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY Keep your face looking fresh all day! SUGGESTED USES 11 Ingredients 2 ounces water ½ tablespoon vegetable glycerin 6 drops: Frankincense essential oil for normal skin Geranium essential oil or Tea Tree essential oil for oily skin Myrrh essential oil for dry skin Directions 1. Add ingredients for your skin type to a small glass spray bottle and shake well. 2. Hold spray bottle about 12 inches from face and lightly spritz skin 2–3 times. 3. Let dry. Elevate your beauty routine by adding Frankincense to your daily facial moisturizer. Create a peaceful haven for grounding yourself by diffusing during your nightly routine. Pamper yourself—help reduce the appearance of uneven skin and blemishes by gently massaging anywhere skin needs a boost, aided by the lotion or carrier oil your skin loves most. Frankincense is also great when you need to create an atmosphere for getting in touch with your spirituality! Learn more on Young Living Central. If you like the way Frankincense essential oil enhances your skin, try Boswellia Wrinkle Cream . 12


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