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Getting Started with Essential Oils

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C I T R O N E L L A E S S E N T I A L OIL Who says essential oils are only for indoor use? Citronella’s fresh, welcoming scent is perfect for setting the stage at your next picnic or barbecue or for keeping the air clear of annoyances on your next camping trip. In the air or on your skin, Citronella uplifts and inspires. C I T R O N E L L A F L O A T I N G CANDLE BOWL SUGGESTED USES Create an elegant answer for outdoor evenings. Citronella is one of the primary ingredients in Young Living’s Insect Repellent. Find our favorite bug-buster in the Product Guide! 31 Create an outdoor-friendly personal perfume. Combine Citronella with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex and apply topically before heading into the wild! Give underarms a break from toxic chemicals and apply Citronella instead of traditional antiperspirants or deodorants. Try combining it with coconut oil and Tea Tree essential oil for a fresh odor blocker! Welcome guests with a sweet, fresh scent; diffusing Citronella is an invitation for long evenings of laughter and conversation. Supplies Glass bowl or container Decorations of your choice—lemon peels, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, lavender, rosemary, flower petals, river rocks, etc.—you can use anything! 20 drops Citronella essential oil 10 drops Lemongrass essential oil 1 tablespoon witch hazel Water Unscented floating candle Directions 1. Gather decorations and arrange in a bowl. 2. Add witch hazel, Citronella, and Lemongrass. 3. Fill the remaining bowl space with water. 4. After placing your bowl outside, top it off with the floating candle and light it to create a cozy, aromatic ambiance that you and your guests can enjoy throughout the evening. 32


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