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Getting Started with Essential Oils

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SUGGESTED USES Diffuse Wintergreen briefly (only 10 minutes at a time) to help refresh your senses after a long day. Add it to your favorite carrier oil and rub into tired muscles after a long workout. Get an extra-invigorating deep tissue massage by combining it with other refreshing oils such as Peppermint. Wintergreen helps provide the chilly, tingling sensation in Young Living favorite Cool Azul ® . This powerful essential oil blend also contains Dorado Azul, Plectranthus Oregano, Peppermint, Sage, Copaiba, and more. Cool Azul is available as an essential oil blend, in a sports gel, or as a pain relief cream. W I N T E R G R E E N ESSENTIAL OIL Like a brisk breeze through a winter forest, Wintergreen provides a cooling effect that is stimulating and refreshing. You’ll find Wintergreen’s most powerful constituent, methyl salicylate, in numerous commercial sports creams and pain relief lotions. The tingling invigoration Wintergreen provides is the perfect pairing for a post-workout massage or for unwinding after a long day. 39 Due to the high level of methyl salicylate in Wintergreen, your bottle has been fitted with a child-resistant cap. The sweet aroma is very appealing but also potent; keep it out of reach of children. 40


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