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THE ESSENTIAL EDGE NEWS OF THE WORLD LEADER IN ESSENTIAL OILS APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2021 @youngliving @youngliving @youngliving A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, my friends, It’s hard to believe that spring is just about here. With so many changes worldwide and so many changes in Young Living, I feel like we are on a trajectory to explore space, meaning we are rebirthing Young Living in a way that is going to take us into a new world of exploration as we take our message to the world. I am personally thrilled with the restructuring of our business, and every change has made the company more streamlined and efficient. Sometimes the changes facing us may seem unnecessary or confusing, but when you look at the big picture, you can see the long-term benefits. It’s all about making our business easier and safer for you. Gary always said, “There is one thing in life that is certain, and that is that there will always be change.” Having been a distributor building a business in the field for 10 years, I always knew when something was positive or negative for the distributors. The experience was invaluable for me, because I think back on all that experience when I am making decisions on the corporate side now. We have never had a stronger executive management team, dedicated to the future success of Young Living. I am thrilled with more focus on the farms and the return to building on that foundation. Our roots are going to grow deeper and stronger, and all of us are the nourishment for that growth. You are the messengers taking our mission to the world with the knowing that comes from the experiences and feelings that burn inside each of you. During the 2003 Young Living Grand Convention, Gary shared some of his insight when he first began to teach about the oils as his vision evolved about Young Living. “Science and research are really important,” he said, “but when you don’t have the mechanical answers—that scientific proof—do you walk away? What about that subtle knowing that you have inside? All of you have the ability to have that knowing. The mechanics of how essential oils work doesn’t make them work any better. When you can see some of the mechanics when you are sharing with somebody else, that may give you a little more strength in sharing, but ask this question: Where would we be if I had waited until I had all the mechanics before I shared it with you?” Every day was trial and error for Gary, and every day was a new discovery that strengthened his knowing; and today more and more of his knowing is being proven scientifically. Our President and COO Joe Cannon has stated that he wants Young Living to become a powerful educational tool, with scientists who do research to substantiate the knowing that so many of us have. A few days ago, Jacob asked me how I would define wellness, purpose, and abundance. I thought for a minute and thought back to our roots and the reason Gary was so determined to walk again after his accident, to look beyond his pain, to travel the world in search of the ancient mysteries surrounding essential oils, and to share his discoveries with all who would listen. The following might be helpful to you in explaining Young Living to someone new. Wellness, purpose, and abundance is the simple way of explaining what Young Living is about. Gary believed it was his mission to bring the living energy of Mother Nature’s creations to the people of the world. All plants, bushes, flowers, fruits, seeds, and trees carry different chemical compounds that have different effects on the body, which is why each essential oil is different from the others. The body is very intelligent, and when it receives oil topically, internally, or through diffusion, it knows what to do, so you don’t have to figure it out. Naturally, there is much information available through different avenues that can guide you to be more specific, but it’s fun experimenting just to see what you experience or may notice. Much scientific research is being conducted through various institutions and facilities on essential oils, and more and more discoveries are being scientifically documented. It’s like being on a new frontier, which is what Gary started when he first saw the benefits in his research center almost 40 years ago. Our purpose is to make these essential oils and supplements infused with essential oils available to individuals looking for something that might bring them wellness—physically, mentally, and spiritually— through natural substances. We believe that the oils are the complete structure and a combination of the compounds as God created them, which is free of harsh chemicals and optimal for the body to recognize and use. Because these oils come pure from Mother Nature, you never know exactly what your benefits might be. With natural products, only your body knows, so you have to let your body figure it out. The word abundance usually causes people to think of money, but we see abundance as meaning much more. When you feel strong and healthy, you might say that you are abundantly blessed with health and well-being. If you choose to share what you love with others and they become excited about using our products, then you surely will experience the side benefit of an income; and the amount of that income is dependent upon how many people you help and the many others to whom you have introduced the products who decide to share them as well. It’s like a snowball effect. Our purpose is wellness, which is the end goal. Abundance is the side benefit and may be the side reward of reaching the end goal. It all fits together. Young Living is a lifestyle, which is what the good people of the earth are looking for, a place where they can belong. We feel like a family—a Young Living family—which is why we want to support and help each other on our Young Living journey. It’s all about being the servant of something greater than ourselves. I listened at that first Young Living meeting I attended in 1992 and was excited. I was intrigued and wanted to know more. I could never have foreseen where my life would go and that I would someday hold the reigns for what my Gary created. I feel a responsibility to carry that mission forward, perhaps in a different way, as I’m not in the field with all of you; but I do everything I can to support you, as does everyone else in the office. I now see the big picture that Gary saw when we were in our first 5,000-square-foot, rundown office building in Riverton, Utah, in 1994. Because you listened to the message, we are on this journey together, and what a journey this has been. I laugh thinking about the Abundance blend that Gary sprinkled on the computer keyboard because we weren’t making enough money to pay the bills. When we returned the next morning, the phones started ringing and they never stopped—and look where we are today. Be creative and with the right intention, you could have some fun experiences. Remember to use Valor ® , Highest Potential , Motivation , Freedom , and Live with Passion and always use some Common Sense with a lot of Gratitude . May you all be blessed with Abundance as you Journey On . FLIPPING FOR FREEDOM RAISES FUNDS FOR FOUNDATION PARTNER Platinum members spearhead fundraising effort to help end exploitation Two years ago, Young Living Platinum members Bryan and Amanda Cooper traveled to Ecuador from the U.S. to meet a student they were sponsoring at the Young Living Academy. While there, they also met survivors of human trafficking who were recovering and receiving education and support through Hope for Justice, a D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation partner committed to ending exploitation. Bryan and Amanda learned that these girls were only a few of the more than 40 million people trapped or trafficked globally each year—that’s more than double the population of New York City. The experience of meeting these resilient survivors changed Bryan and Amanda. They wanted to lend a hand and help, but they weren’t sure what they could do to make a difference. What they knew best was how to flip houses in North America, yet they didn’t know how that knowledge could help girls they’d never met in countries they’ve never been to. Then came the idea for a new fundraiser called Flipping for Freedom. Partnering with the Foundation, Bryan and Amanda led the effort to completely gut, remodel, and flip a house in American Fork, Utah, so that the proceeds—an estimated ,000 to ,000 USD—can be donated to Hope for Justice. That money will fund the rescue, recovery, support, and independence of hundreds of girls who’ve been subjected to unspeakable abuse. By connecting their unique skills with their desire to help, the Coopers have provided a deeply inspiring example. “My advice is, don't think of yourself as an insignificant thinker,” Bryan says. “Whatever you have is valuable, and you can leverage it to help somebody else. I think that sometimes we think too small and don't think that what we have is of value. We all have a tremendous amount of value, and the more we can understand that and use that, the more it can benefit the people around us. It doesn't matter if you can give only or ,000—it’s all energy toward something greater. Everybody has something to offer.” All slots for this volunteer-run project were filled by individuals local to the project site and 70 Young Living employees. You can learn more about how to spot the signs of human trafficking and how to report it at Your awareness alone can save lives.


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