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The April Essential Edge is here! Discover exciting articles and stay up to date on Young Living announcements.


HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR YL’S 2021 VIGC? Join us for our second Virtual International Grand Convention Are you registered for our 2021 Virtual International Grand Convention (VIGC)? Last year’s VIGC set an exciting and innovative new standard for our conventions. We even won a Gold International Business Stevie Award for this groundbreaking event. In 2021 we’re excited to break records again and unite the whole Young Living global family on a massive scale. Although restrictions once again prevent us from gathering in person, our far-reaching global platform makes it possible to connect with hundreds of thousands of you for our second-ever virtual convention. Participation in all the thrilling convention events comes without having to travel, book hotels, or even change out of your pajamas! We’ll hold this year’s convention June 16–19, leaving plenty of time to register. You can secure your spot at YoungLiving. com/2021convention through Tuesday, June 1, when registration closes. Admission costs , and with it, you gain access to many of the perks you’d normally enjoy when attending the convention. These LEADERSHIP CORNER Stay aware and sensitive to the people around you and then get out of your own way Diamond leader Lauren Crews Dow never set out to start her own business with Young Living. Only seven years ago, she was a stay-at-home mom and a U.S. Army wife. “A GED is the highest certificate of education I have,” she says. “I mention this because I have met many who feel like they’re not smart enough or equipped enough to be successful at this. A piece of paper is not a measure of your worth. You can do this if you just get out of your own way and allow God to use the gifts He has given you.” A friend introduced Young Living to Lauren, who recognized that something in her life had to change. “My home was one of those toxic homes with harsh, chemical-filled cleaners all over the place. I was completely clueless about all the natural ways to live life better.” As an Army wife, Lauren has moved four times since joining Young Living. “That’s four new cities where I didn’t know anyone, but I woke up every day intent on helping someone,” she says. To make her goals happen, Lauren says she stays aware of her surroundings and actively seeks out opportunities to share her passion. “Wherever I go, whether it’s to the grocery store or the gym or a restaurant, I don’t just walk past people. I’m always on the lookout for those who my life and story can touch. Young Living isn’t something we should keep to ourselves. Even if you don’t actively work the business side of Young Living, you can still share your favorite products with your best friend.” Lauren warns that there will always be hard days when you have to perks include the ability to purchase all of the exclusive convention offers, first pick of the newly launched products,* and the opportunity to hear from our phenomenal speakers. Plus, your first convention order will qualify you for a special gift, compliments of Young Living.** The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation’s annual Run for a Cause 5K is also virtual this year, taking place on Saturday, June 19. You can rest easy knowing that, like all donations to the Foundation, 100 percent of your registration fee for our superhero-themed virtual 5K will go directly to protecting the world’s youth and empowering people around the globe. Anyone who’s been to our previous conventions knows that this event is always full of celebrations, exciting announcements, training, inspiration, and more! Make sure you’re registered and ready to capture every exciting moment, because you won’t want to miss what we’ve planned to make 2021 a year to remember. Register today at: *Certain products may not be available in all markets **All registration fees include a gift that will be included in your first convention order. You must place an order to receive the registration gift. Not all markets can receive the registration gift. Diamond Leader Lauren Crews Dow reconnect with your two whys: why you joined Young Living and why you’re building your business. “I take ownership of my whys,” she explains. “I walk over to my vision board and start praying over my heart and mind. I look at all my visions, my husband’s visions, and my children’s visions, and I imagine them all coming true. It’s during those times I’m reminded that the only limit is me.” FINCA BOTANICA DISTILLED Creating liquid gold in Ecuador In the heat of Ecuador, Nicolas Chong and his team of 50 harvesters walk among the 320 acres of ylang ylang trees at the Young Living Finca Botanica Farm and Distillery. We spoke with Nicolas about what an average day at Finca Botanica is really like. Here’s what he had to say: “The days are hot, as high as 87 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), the air is thick with humidity, and for part of the year, powerful rainstorms roll in and out while the team handpicks ylang ylang flowers. Typically, we harvest year-round, but our high volume harvest months are from June to January." With baskets strapped onto their backs, the team harvests only the flowers with all six petals in bloom and a red tint around their green center, leaving the younger flowers time to grow for later batches of essential oil. Only properly matured flowers produce a high-quality yield during distillation. “Primo Chavez, who has over 10 years of experience with Young Living, then weighs the baskets and records the results as the flowers are dropped off in the distillery. The flowers are then loaded into one of the 14 cookers in the distillery. Each cooker holds 50 kilos of flowers, and they will steam, on average, for six hours. “The steam captures the essence of the PAGE 2 petals as it rises from the bottom of the cooker to a tube on the top. As the ylang ylang steam cools in the tube, it condenses and exits the cooker into a beaker. Here, the oil and water separate. The water sinks to the bottom, and the pure Ylang Ylang essential oil rises to the surface in wobbly, golden-tinged bubbles. “A sample from each batch of Ylang Ylang oil is collected and taken to a lab technician, where the specs are compared against Young Living’s established, stringent Seed to Seal® quality commitment for our Ylang Ylang essential oil. After the exacting demands of organic cultivation practices, protecting soil health, and carefully hand-harvesting, these specifications are the final proof that the farm team has met Young Living’s Seed to Seal quality commitment. “Once testing is complete, the Ylang Ylang essential oil is stored in foodgrade stainless steel canisters and shipped to the United States for bottling and distribution.” It is the team’s dedication at every stage of cultivating, harvesting, distilling, and testing that provides Young Living members the only Seed to Seal premium Ylang Ylang in the world, a rich, golden oil to enrich your space and infuse it with a touch of sun.

PAGE 3 YOUNG LIVING RANK QUALIFICATION QUARTER 4–2020 NEW ROYAL CROWN DIAMONDS KATHERI ANN CHARCOS-PUYO PHL KRISTINA DE GUZMAN PHL LOUISE MANUEL-PORTILLO PHL EMILY W. RECKER USA ROYAL CROWN DIAMONDS Anita Hartono & Johannes Rusli (IDN) Anita U. Barbra Ochsenhofer (AUT) Annie & Chris Hauser (USA) April & Jay Pointer (USA) Brenda & Scott Schuler (USA) Carol & Ben Howden (CAN) Carol Yeh-Garner (USA) Casey Wiegand (USA) Chérie Ross (USA) Chris Opfer & Vicki Opfer (USA) Christa & Jason Smith (USA) Connie Marie McDanel (USA) Courtney & John Critz (USA) Danielle Burkleo (USA) Debra Starkey (USA) Dr. Marcella Vonn Harting & Jim Harting (USA) Emily W. Recker (USA) Erin Rodgers (USA) Frances Fuller (SGP) Franciela Madrid & Juan Álberto Arevalo (MEX) Gregg & Carol Johnson (USA) Heather & John Brock (USA) Irela Balderrama Hernandez (MEX) Jeanmarie Hepworth (USA) Jeffrey Lewis (USA) Jeremiah & Monique McLean (USA) Jessica & Brandon Garvin (USA) Joanna & Justin Malone (USA) Joanne Kan & Eric Yang (HKG) Jodie Meschuk (USA) Jordan & Doug Schrandt (USA) Julieta De la Garza Galván (MEX) Katheri Ann Charcos-Puyo (PHL) Kathy Farmer (USA) Korbut Wong & Joseph Lau (HKG) Kristina De Guzman (PHL) Lindsay Teague Moreno & Michael Moreno (USA) Lindsey & Evan Gremont (USA) Logan Randazzo (USA) Louise Manuel-Portillo (PHL) Lula & Steven Schiller (USA) Madison & Tyler Vining (USA) Mariana Lorena Ibarra Peart (MEX) Mark & Melissa Koehler (USA) Max & Karen Hopkins (USA) Myra & Ernie Yarbrough (USA) Norhidawati Abdul Aziz (MYS) Rachel Jamiro (PHL) Sera & Darren Johnson (USA) Susana Armstrong (USA) Team Oily Families Inc (USA) Ulrike & Vijay Churfuerst Hanzal (AUT) Vivian Wan & Alan Chik (HKG) Wendy Mercure (USA) Yonie Bonawi (SGP) Zach & Kari Lewis (USA) CROWN DIAMONDS Adam & Vanessa Green (CAN) Aditya Nowotny (DEU) Agnes Eka Febrianti & Yudhistira Utomo (IDN) Alan & Linda Simpson (AUS) Alejandra Pompa Chavez (MEX) Ana Cecilia Ibarra Peart (MEX) Ana Karina Cardenas (USA) Artemis (AUS) Becca & Matt Bristow (USA) Betty Chu (HKG) Brian Randazzo (USA) Brittany Bollard (USA) Brooke Christen (USA) Carla & Bill Green (CAN) Cecilia Ruiz (MEX) Chelsea Young (USA) Clarice Anne Aviñante (PHL) Danette & Jim Goodyear (USA) Darlene Weir (USA) Deny Sentosa (SGP) Dewi Nur Dina J Hamsah (MYS) Diane Mora (USA) Dr. Olivier & Ellen Wenker (USA) Dr. Thomas & Evangeline Reed (USA) Echo & Danny Hill (USA) Erika De Lira (MEX) Essentially Great Health (USA) Evariny Andriana (IDN) Fiona Lui (HKG) Gabriele Hauser & Markus Idl (AUT) Gretchen King-Ann (HKG) Hailey & Jeremy Aliff (USA) Jami & Mark Nato (USA) Jen & Adaryll Jordan (USA) Jessica & Nathan Petty (USA) Jessica Gianelloni (USA) Jilene & Duane Hay (CAN) Jill & James Young (USA) Joshua & Paige Williams (USA) Judy De La Rosa (USA) Kai Tan (SGP) Kara & Andrew Cozier (USA) Kari Friedman (USA) Kathy Breen (USA) Katie & Zach Harris (USA) Keith & Emily Anderson (USA) Lindsey & Casey Leif (USA) Liz Joy (USA) Maggie Tong & Hill Ngan (HKG) Marinee Yuprapan (IDN) Mary Luz Tubal Go (CAN) Melissa & Wayne Poepping (USA) Nanette & Ward Symes (USA) Naomi Wells (AUS) Nicole Barczak (USA) Nurul Afzan Aini (MYS) Sabina Mary DeVita, EdD (CAN) Sandi Weldon Boudreau (USA) Sarah Laird (USA) Stacie & Todd Malkus (USA) Taylor & Colin Quigg (USA) Teresa Valmonte (USA) Teri Secrest (USA) The Ana family; Maria & Lavinius (USA) Tracey Black Mama’S Essentials (USA) DIAMONDS Aaryn Williams (USA) Abigail Green (USA) Adeline Choy & Alex Lam (HKG) Adrianne & Jeremy Lentine (USA) Alejandra Abisad Rahal (MEX) Alina & Robert Rinato (USA) Ally Raskin (USA) Amanda & Brian Friedl (USA) Amanda & Gabe Uribe (USA) Amanda Gregory (USA) Amber & Nathan Hauser (USA) Andrea Lahman (USA) Anelissa Balderrama Valenzuela (MEX) Angela & Mark Meredith (USA) Anna Sholihah & Rizki Ramadhani (IDN) Anna-Maya Powell (USA) Anni & Dave Dayan (USA) Antje Lüdemann (DEU) Antonette Trinidad Mercado Borabo (PHL) April & Charles Mier (USA) Arlette Galván (MEX) Ashley & Ryan McKenney (USA) Ashley Diette (USA) Ashley Stock (USA) Aubrey Kinch (USA) Audrey Roloff (USA) Becky & Jonathan Webb (USA) Bethany Shipley (USA) Bianca Chloe Tabotabo (PHL) Britta & Kirk Dimler (USA) Brooke Hampton (USA) Callie & Jeremy Shepherd (USA) Candice Ang (PHL) Carmen Garduno (USA) Carrie & Michael McVige (USA) Casey & Tyler Zaruba (USA) Catherine Rott (USA) Celeste McLean (USA) Chelsa Bruno (USA) Chelsea & Jamie Flaman (CAN) Chelsea M. Humphreys (USA) Christi Collins (USA) Christie Mohamed (USA) Christina Rothstein (USA) Christine Huber (AUT) Claudia Dosamantes (USA) Codie-Lyn & William Kahler (USA) Crystal & Larry Hoskins (USA) Crystal & Verick Burchfield (USA) Dale & Jeanne Schloesser (USA) Dallas Harting (USA) Dan Keskey (USA) Dani Hampton (USA) Daniela Ibarra Vargas (MEX) Danielle & Michael Keen (USA) David & Lee Stewart (USA) Deborah Lahman (USA) Dena Edmund Maxmillan (MYS) Denise Lewis (USA) Dick & Nancy Weber (USA) Donna Grace (USA) Doris Golangco (PHL) Dr. Pat McLean (USA) Dr. Sharnael Wolverton (USA) Drs. Jim Bob & Cindy Haggerton (USA) Edie Wadsworth (USA) Egshiglen Jigjidsuren (MNG) Eliana Alejandra LLanas Ruiz (MEX) Elizabeth Sirven (USA) Emma Tong & Anthony Yan (HKG) Erika Cota Martinez (MEX) Florin & Simona Roman (USA) Frankie-Gene Ellis & Lucas Ellis (USA) Gema Garcia (ESP) Gordon & Corie DeVries (USA) Heidi & Kevin Hovan (USA) Heiko & Brownwyn Deiter (USA) Hitomi Harada (JPN) Ika Setyawati (IDN) James & Stacy McDonald (USA) James Niederland (USA) Janell & Derek Vonigas (USA) Janet Timbol Munoz (PHL) Janie Leek (USA) Jeanna Lichtenberger (USA) Jennifer & Ryan McManus (USA) Jennifer Anne Odronia Aquino (PHL) Jihan Thomas (USA) Jill Sager (USA) Jodi & Brian McKenna (USA) John Wong (SGP) Jolanta Puziene (LTU) Julissa Belen Hernandez Alemán (MEX) July Ann Urdiales Salazar (MEX) Kalicha Borboa (MEX) Karen Douglas (USA) Karen Malone (USA) Karen Vavrick (USA) Karina Yaneth Garza Cavazos (USA) Karla Patricia Iga Garza (MEX) Karlie & Matthew Holtby (CAN) Kate Kowalczyk (USA) Kathleen & Matthew Harvey (USA) Katie & Joe Giordano (USA) Katie & Kevin Ganger (USA) Katy & Matthew Joyner (USA) Kelli & Les Wright (USA) Kelli Fras (USA) Kelowna & Paul Giuliano (USA) Kerri & Christian Birkley (USA) Kevin Christen (USA) Kim & Booker Edwards (USA) Kimberly & Ryan Prather (USA) Kortni Harting Langsweirdt (USA) Krista & Jason Haymes (USA) Kristen Critz (USA) Kristi Currier (USA) Kristine Tricia Del Rosario Gonzales (PHL) Kristy & Jake Dempsey (USA) Kylie & Glenn Bryant (AUS) Lacey Dilworth (USA) Laura & Jonathan Hopkins (USA) Lauren Bretz (USA) Lauren Crews Dow (USA) Laurie Azzarella (USA) Leah Espy (USA) Linette Miles Rodriguez (USA) Lisa & Jason Blackstock (CAN) Lorena Salinas García (MEX) Lucia Adzic (HRV) Ma Socorro Lavadia Monge (QAT) Mandy O’Neal (USA) Maria Angeles Marin (ESP) Maria Rosalyn Victoria Fonacier Fernandez (PHL) Maria Rosario De Castro Alegre (PHL) Maria Victoria Guevara (PHL) Marilee Tolen (USA) Mario Abeljimm Casis Sioco (PHL) Marissa Meade (USA) Marlo Botempo (USA) Mary & Matthew Salentine (USA) Mary Buck (USA) Mary Chrisman (USA) Mary Hardy (USA) Mary Starr & Jay Carter (USA) Maxine Rana Hipos Mendoza (SAU) Megan & Thomas Burns (USA) Melany Lizzeth Villalobos Fierro (MEX) Melissa & Clayton Sanches (USA) Melissa & Dustin Truitt (USA) Melissa & Ryan Renno (USA) Melissa Stoltzfus (USA) Melvin & Lois Peachey (USA) Michelle Agraz Balderrama (MEX) Michelle Skoczek (USA) Midori Lin (TWN) Miko Bowen (USA) Mohan & Jennie Radhakrishnan (USA) Munirah Hanim Ahmad Jahudi (MYS) Nancy Sanderson (USA) Nelida Elizabeth Rodriguez Sanchez (MEX) Nicki Ham (USA) Nicole & Kade Martin (USA) Nicole Neesby (USA) Nikki & Danny (AUS) Nora Leticia Martinez Corona (MEX) Noraini Harun (MYS) Norce Putri (SGP) Noviza Istidarianty (SGP) Nubia De Jesus Barajas Sarmiento (MEX) Nurul Mukminah Muhamad Nazri (MYS) Oziel David Farias Bowlin (MEX) Paloma Flores Karamanos (MEX) Pamela Hunter (USA) Patricia Gwee (SGP) Penny Choong (MYS) Phoebe Li Hoi Ki (HKG) Phoebe Ying (HKG) Rachel & Ryan Holland (USA) Rainbow Forever Trust (USA) Rebecca Kinderman (USA) Rhonda & Frank Favano (USA) Richard & Kimmy Brooke (USA) Robert & Alina Rinato (USA) Robyn & Randy Murrah (USA) Sam & Lesley Graham (USA) Sara & Justin Wallace (USA) Sara Jo Poff (USA) Sarah & John Harnisch (USA) Sarah Gizzi (USA) Sarah Lee (USA) Scott & Tricia Gilchrist (USA) Seidy Morales & Enrique Quirós (CRI) Shannon & Brandon Garay (USA) Shannon Conover (USA) Shauna Dastrup Sha-Faun Enterprises INC (USA) Shelby & Steven Nowak (USA) Shelby & Tyler Paulk (USA) Shellie & Brian Garret (USA) Sherri VonLobstein (USA) Sherry LaMarche (USA) Siti Nur Rahmah (MYS) Siti Sarah Mohammad Suhaimi (MYS) Siti Syuhadah Sharin (MYS) Sofia Lizbeth Flores Martinez (MEX) Sonya Swan (USA) Stacey & Steve Kimbrell (USA) Stacie Hartzler (USA) Stacy McQuade (USA) Star & David Moree (USA) Stephanie Moram & JP Paradis (CAN) Sum Sum Yip (HKG) Summer Davis (USA) Susan Heid (USA) Tammy & Eric Walton (USA) Teresa & David Gingles (USA) Terry & LaDonna Beals (USA) Thomas Teschl (AUT) Tiffany Smith (USA) Vanessa Romero & Tom Nikkola (USA) Verónica Maria Ibarra Peart (MEX) Wan Normajidah Wan Ab Aziz (MYS) Wynne & Stephen Elder (USA) Yvonne Litza (USA) Zuraida Ahmad Danial (MYS) 葉 依 菁 (TWN)


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