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The January Essential Edge is here and more essential than ever! Begin the new year with CEO and Co-Founder Mary Young’s inspiring message, discover healthy habits to start your year off right, and read about how we partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant over 5,000 trees, one for each Young Living employee. Make this year one to remember with the January Essential Edge.


THE ESSENTIAL EDGE NEWS OF THE WORLD LEADER IN ESSENTIAL OILS JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH 2021 @youngliving @youngliving @youngliving A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, Friends, Wow, what a way to close the year 2020—a challenging year we will never forget—but it has also been a year of discovery. We have learned so much, both negative and positive, that has given us greater understanding and has strengthened us and made us better people. Through all of the turmoil and fear that has existed, I kept hearing Gary’s words in my head, “Just be calm. It’s never eaten as hot as it’s cooked. Everything is going to be fine. Stay out of the weeds and just stay positive and stay in the light.” So what does all that mean? It really goes back to that word emotions. Gary said, “Emotions rule the world, which you see in the good and the bad. Wars start as emotional confrontations. Celebrations start as emotional experiences. Love starts with that look across the room at that special person who gets that pitter-patter going inside you. It all starts from an electrical impulse from just a visual contact. All emotions happen from sight, sound, and smell; and yes, they do rule the world.” We know our world has been in commotion, but we have also been in commotion within Young Living. I can’t say we are in control of what is going on in our world, but I can say that we are in control of what is happening in Young Living. It’s just that what we now know has been a long time coming; but now that we know and are “in the weeds” with our business, we are gradually cleaning out the weeds and making the ground ready for new planting and new growth. Naturally, it takes a season to prepare for the harvest, the results; but I’ve heard that members are starting to see changes. We have wonderful new leadership taking charge; restructuring taking place, making us more streamlined; and systems to bring efficiency with exactness of numbers to determine our direction and the decisions best for our company. It always helps when we have more information so that we can understand the whys and the hows, but we still have to get our emotions under control. Gary also said, “Emotions are particularly and possibly the most powerful tool that you have in your arsenal. They're powerful in two ways: creativity and construction, and they're equally powerful in destruction. What’s interesting is they are all controlled by you, nobody else. You can use your emotions to drive you either into greatness, or you can use them to drive you into the grave; but they will drive you either direction. Even if you don't let your emotions drive you and you don't do anything about them either direction, you will stagnate; and that’s the same as death.” Those are powerful words from Gary that he knew, without a doubt, could control our destiny. The constant and intense battle he fought to bring essential oils to the world, to make Young Living a viable company, to produce the very best, and to set the highest standard because he was on a mission to serve God’s children demanded an immense amount of emotional control on his part. He had to believe in himself with that inner knowing in his soul, even when he thought most of the world was against him. But I was there, and many of you were there, and those of us who believed in him and joined him in the battle have watched and been a part of that growth that has brought us to number more than 7 million members around the world who are grateful for what the oils have brought into all our lives. I have been so impressed with how you, our members, have been so innovative in creating ways to strengthen your organizations, motivating the members, keeping spirits high, and building a healthy, emotional outlook in what has been a difficult year for all of us. Leaders are defined by how they make others feel, and we have so many leaders who have been loyal and diligent in giving those in their organizations, as well as those of us in the office, so much positive energy that has helped in innumerable ways. This is the dawning of a new year as the sun is coming up and enveloping us in the radiant light of life and Abundance, which is ours to harvest and enjoy if we choose. Look again to the mission of Young Living: oils in every home. Let’s fulfill Gary’s legacy that you carry in our hearts and set the example of honesty, integrity, and the real purpose in life—to uplift and help each other as we serve humanity, God’s children. You are truly a force for good in the world; and when we carry the spirit of love and harmony, you can achieve your Highest Potential—one of Gary’s favorite oil blends that he wore every day. It is important that we teach, educate, and use our emotional oils to carry us forward as we grow and ride the wave of freedom together. Valor, one of Gary’s first blends, is the oil blend of structure and strength. Put it on your feet, shoulders, and temples to inspire you to claim your determination and resilience. Release and let go of all those feeling and thoughts that do not serve you in a positive and productive way. Rub this blend over the upper abdomen; put it on your neck and under your nose. Surrender the thoughts and feelings that hold you back to a higher power that can give you peace and reassurance. Diffuse and rub this blend on your neck and put it under your nose. Acceptance will help you open your heart and receive the good that is coming. Rub it over your chest and throat, as well as the back of your neck and forehead. Envision the outcome that you want. See the positive energy overcome the negative energy to achieve your goals and dreams. Diffuse this blend and put it on your temples. Forgiveness is the key to emotional healing. Rub it over your upper abdomen and, as Gary dramatically demonstrated, all over your face—just be sure to keep it away from your eyes. Trauma Life is certainly important to so many people who need an uplifting aromatic companion while working through painful challenges. Rub it on your feet and the back of your neck while you rediscover your Motivation to move into your bright future. Hope helps reconnect with a belief in future possibilities. Rub it on the outer edge of your ears. Joy applied over your heart will help you open yourself to the opportunities to live and serve in peace and love. Believe you can do it. See your unlimited potential. Diffuse, put in bathwater, apply wherever desired, or add a few drops to your favorite massage oil for overall body application. Gary’s Light is a beautiful aroma to enjoy as you resist the bombardment of negative energies and open your mind to new awareness and positive enlightenment. Diffuse, put in bathwater, apply wherever desired, or add a few drops to your favorite massage oil for overall body application. Gratitude will help you feel and express the gift of life and all that you have been given. Rub it on your neck and wrists. These are just a few. Use them all to uplift and strengthen yourselves to be ready for this new beginning and the great future of Young Living that awaits us all. Let us Journey On together with love and appreciation for all things. IN MEMORIAM E. LARUE BILLETER July 18, 1924–October 19, 2020 By Mary Young Grandma LaRue, as she was affectionately known, died peacefully of natural causes at age 96 in her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, on October 19, 2020. She was child number 5 of 11, so she knew what it was like to have little, but she always made the most of what she did have and lived life to the fullest. Grandma LaRue, my mother, is an icon in Young Living, and those who knew her remember her enthusiasm and her happy, positive outlook on life. When I introduced Mother to Gary and Young Living in 1993, she knew nothing about essential oils but was very curious and wanted to learn all she could. She came to believe so much in the mission of Young Living that she was there to help at a minute’s notice and stayed until the job was done. When Gary decided to move to Utah to begin building our new company, he called me from Spokane, Washington, and asked me to find a building we could rent. Due to time constraints, we looked at a building in the middle of the night, in the dark; and Gary thought it would suffice. When the sun came up, we were shocked to see the horrible mess the building was in; but since Gary always saw the possibilities of what something could be, he asked me to sign the papers and ordered a big dumpster before he left for the airport. I called Mother for help and she came immediately. She and I worked long hours for several days cleaning out the building and hauling the junk to the dumpster before Gary returned to start renovating. That was how Mother’s association with Young Living began, and she continued to be an immense help and support for the next 20 years. No matter what the task, she was always there to help. Mother helped Rex Kidman pour oils in the lab; planted starts from the greenhouse into the fields at the farm in Mona, Utah; and once drove a big, old motorhome we bought at the auction in Grand Junction, Colorado, to Mona. During Young Living's first 10 years, Gary and I went to that auction every March to buy equipment for the farms. Mother also made oil displays and table decorations for the banquets for the first couple of conventions and worked to fill orders in Will Call and Shipping. She was the willing worker, bar none, when any help was needed. Mother had a special love for music. She began playing the accordion at the age of 10 and was also an accomplished pianist, organist, and singer and was happiest while making music. She loved cowboy music and learned to yodel, which made watching her entertain so much fun for everyone. Gary loved her music and often carried her accordion through the airport, so she could perform at different Young Living events. Continued on page 2


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