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The Essential Edge - October 2020

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Take a peek inside this issue for our top gift-giving ideas, a perfect fall-time DIY, amazing business-building tips, and a look at our sustainable packaging credo. You’ll also learn about a man central to our production of the finest quality essential oils; check out inspiring news from The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation; and, as always, read through a heartfelt message from our amazing co-founder and CEO, Mary Young.

The Essential Edge - October

THE ESSENTIAL EDGE NEWS OF THE WORLD LEADER IN ESSENTIAL OILS OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2020 @youngliving @youngliving @youngliving A MESSAGE FROM MARY Hello, Friends, I hope you know that you, our members around the world, are a big topic of conversation. We are concerned about your well-being and are committed to making sure you have our products, which are so important, especially during these challenging times. I have read various articles in the Wall Street Journal that indicate that scientists are beginning to develop a picture that if we had better health, we would not be subject to many of the maladies that are so prevalent in today’s world. In practically every magazine and newspaper I read, something is written about building the body and keeping it strong. This makes me feel like I need to keep sharing Gary’s message that he started teaching in the early 1980s, which never stopped as he saw the degeneration of eating habits, the increase of people eating junk food, and the seeming lack of interest in nutritional values and knowledge in our world. Gary stated in a seminar in 1989: Young Living started in the fall of 1987 with a dream that came out of seeing a need. For many years, I was seeing an alarming growth rate of diseases, the degeneration of our bodies, and new diseases that were harming our children. As I traveled and did more research, I was seeing that instead of medical technology solving illnesses and reducing the devastation within our bodies, illness and disease were increasing rapidly. I felt like I was touching merely a drop in the rain barrel of a few people’s lives who needed help, in comparison to all those who were being devastated by detrimental environments and lifestyles. Impurities leaching from the soil into the water streams, chemicals put into the water, radiation, and exhaust fumes from industries going into our atmosphere are polluting the three most essential things we need to sustain life: water, air, and food. The very source of life is polluted at one level or another, which can often be very dangerous. I listened to people say, “If we had only known about nutrition. If we had only known there was a way to cleanse and detoxify our body. If we had only known about water filtering systems and air exchangers that could go in the home. If we had only known, we could have done something about it. Why don't they teach us about nutrition in school? Why is nutrition so important now when it wasn’t important before?” Nutrition has always been important. Twenty years ago, there were about 500 chemicals in our food chain. Today (1989) there are 17,000 plus chemicals of which 3,500 are found in fast foods that cause allergic brain reactions and behavior problems in our children today. Why? Just look around at what we're eating, drinking, and breathing; the answer is there. Too many people don’t want to drink a glass of water because it doesn’t taste good, and so many think the taste of something good is like soda pop, coffee, tea, beer, or drinks with sugar in them. The chemicals in our food cause cellular breakdown and damage. They're congesting the lymphatic system, shutting down our immune system, and suppressing our endocrine system. So, what can we do? This is where we in Young Living have the opportunity to not only educate about lifestyle but to also educate about our products that we know can support physical and emotional needs. Young Living is not about just making money. It is about educating and giving you resources to help and protect your family. Many companies market vitamins, herbs, and other products, but they are not educating. It’s amazing that Gary was saying this more than 30 years ago, and his message is perhaps even more important today; but we are where we are. Even though yesterday would have been better, now is the time to stop eating junk food and drinking toxic soda and energy drinks. Stop putting nutritionally dead food into your bodies and put in live food that nourishes your bodies. There is so much written about cleansing and detoxing, but too often we think, “Oh, I’ll start tomorrow or next week.” When I think about going on the Master Cleanse, I often say those words to myself. But I know how important it is, so I set my date and go for it. Cleansing is a major function of the liver that is never ending. The liver carries out about 5,000 chemistry functions per day, including cleansing the blood on a continuous basis. The liver is the largest fat-storing organ in the human body. The chemicals, poisons, and metallics in the blood pass through the liver and often get stored in the fat cells of the liver when the elimination system of the body is not working properly. Proper bowel function is so critical, because that’s how the body gets rid of waste and toxic substances. Gary knew that cleansing is very important to maintaining good health, so he formulated products to help support digestion, liver cleansing, and elimination. JuvaPower ® has fibers that help absorb and sweep out poisons in the liver and colon created by acid and mucus. Broccoli and beets are high acid-binding foods that attach to the acid molecule and bind it into the fiber of the flax and rice bran to help carry the poisons out of your body. Gary was a fabulous cook and formulated this cooking spice (formerly also JuvaSpice) with herbs that he knew would support the cleansing process as well as give your food a little kick. He loved really hot food—the hotter the better—but JuvaPower is just right for the average taste. JuvaTone ® is a powerful herbal complex designed to promote healthy liver function. This tablet is formulated to help strengthen the liver as it works to rid the body of toxic waste. ComforTone ® is a capsule that provides a combination of natural herbs and essential oils for supporting digestive health and wellness. ICP is like a scrubber to help loosen and move matter stuck to the colon walls and works really well with ComforTone. After all, a “moving” experience really brings peace to your body if it’s stuck. Detoxzyme ® is formulated with enzymes that help break down the acid in helping to detoxify the body along with ComforTone and JuvaPower. JuvaCleanse ® & JuvaCleanse ® Vitality are formulated to have cleansing properties, to help support digestion, and to help support a healthy immune system. JuvaFlex is a wonderful blend to apply over the liver or on the liver Vita Flex points on the bottoms of the feet for that extra support. It all works together, and the body is very smart in determining how to use the products according to what it needs. JuvaFlex Vitality is a great dietary supplement to support your overall wellness. Gary always told me to drink more water, which I have to think about because I’m always running and don’t take time to get my glass of water, but it helps immensely in the cleansing process. Let’s not forget that water carries oxygen, and oxygen releases and dissolves poisons. Water also increases enzymatic saturation throughout the body, which increases better detoxification. So let’s do ourselves a favor and give our bodies a boost toward wellness, more energy, and a clearer mind. Eliminate the not-so-good, put in the best, and set the example for those around us. You might want to keep a little notebook to keep track of what you experience and how you feel. Believe me, I’m with you on your journey, and I’m keeping track of mine too—at least mentally. My best wishes to you as you enjoy this most fascinating adventure. TIPS FOR BETTER GIFT GIVING Get ahead of the holidays with these holiday gift ideas As you know, picking just the right gift for the special people in your life can be challenging. On top of staying within your gifting budget, there can be so many other factors to consider— most importantly, the recipient’s needs and wants. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick just the right gift for every person, especially at this time of year? Finding that kind of gift often means starting a conversation with your loved ones and listening to figure out what they truly want or need. Giving them the gift of your time means you can ask about challenges they’re facing or what they’ve been doing for self-care in their spare time. You could even ask what books they’ve been reading or games they’ve been playing to peek into their state of mind. Then take a look at our new holiday catalog, coming out this month! To make your gift giving go as smoothly as possible, we have selected products, both new and classic, and grouped them by need. For instance, if friends are passionate about their family’s health and wellness, consider giving them some of Young Living’s dietary supplements or Vitality oils, which can boost the immune system and strengthen spirits. If they need a little extra something to tune into their usual cheery self, share with them your favorite fall or winter essential oils. Nutmeg essential oil and our Christmas Spirit blend are fan favorites for under . If holiday activities have them running on empty and in need of some R & R, consider gifting them our helpful Nature’s Ultra CBD products or one of our unique diffusers, both of which will help them take a breather before taking on the holiday bustle. If they’re looking for a toxin-free clean for hands and household, help them out with some EO-infused holiday hand soap or classic Thieves ® Household Cleaner. You’ll find lots of options in the holiday catalog! Be on the lookout for our holiday catalog launching this month. It’ll help you become a gift-giving guru!


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